How It Works

    We specialize in dry cleaning doonas, underlays and blankets using state of the art machinery imported from Germany and Japan. We also offer free pick up and delivery for all customers located within 10 kilometers of Melbourne CBD, saving you the time and hassle of visiting your local dry cleaner. There is no need to download apps, sign up or fill out online forms, just send us a sms text with one word and someone will be there to pick up your items. It's that simple.

    Placing an order

    Send a sms text with the word "Pickup" to 0420 760 672

    If you have used our service before then we already have your name and address, so just wait for us to organise a pickup time with you. For new customers, we will contact you shortly to get your name and pickup address.


    We will organise delivery of your order at a time that is suitable for you.

    We will send you a text message to notify that your order will soon be delivered. Please let us know if something has come up and you would like to reschedule the delivery time.

    Terms of use
    • All orders must be of 2 items or more.

    • Payment must be made upon delivery of your order.

    • We will not be responsible for weak, tender, defective, or adulterated materials. 

    Limited time specials

    Introductory offer

    • Spend $80 or more and get 10% of the total.

    • Spend $120 or more and get 15% of the total.



    We guarantee quality and affordability:


    Quality - We utilize top of the range machinery and adopt best industry practices to either dry clean or organically wet clean your items, delivering the best possible finish. 

    Affordability -  We offer the lowest in-house door to door dry cleaning service in Melbourne, just search and compare.

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    Mon - Thu: 10am - 9pm

    ​​Sunday: 3pm - 8pm


    0420 760 672